What to Expect?

Our services generally run an hour and 15 minutes in length, and our order of service contains the following elements on a weekly basis with the addition of communion once a month and other special presentation as they arise. 

  • Worshipping together through music
  • Welcome and announcements
  • The hearing and studying from God's Word (the sermon)

What is it like?

We strive to welcome all who attend our Sunday morning service to create a comfortable atmosphere better suited for hearing God's Word.

What about my kids?

Located beside the sanctuary is our parent room for a more private place to be with your young children.

We also have a supervised nursery for those between newborn to 5-year-olds,  located downstairs for those who need a little more space and activity. Parents are welcome to drop off their kids and enjoy the service while we happily supervise, care and entertain your little ones.

Where do I park?

We have a large parking lot located onsite. Visitor and Handicap parking is directly in front of the entrance with the option of steps or a wheelchair ramp.

What do I wear?

We do not judge or discriminate the clothing one chooses to wear to our church.
The common attire is casual.

How can I get connected?

You can talk to one of our Ushers at the sanctuary doors Sunday Mornings or call/email our office directly for information on small groups, church activities, and more.
Feel free to leave a message after hours.