We Help Others Develop And Thrive


It is our hope that everyone at Slave Lake Alliance would consider themselves a part of  WHODAT, in their desire and active pursuit of helping others develop and thrive.

A group of us meet regularly as a Steering Team, to help provide direction and opportunity to our church in pursuit of serving the poor.  We start with a biblical view of poverty being a result of broken relationships between God, ourselves, others and the rest of creation.  We believe that poverty is more than just material but also spiritual, emotional and social.  We believe that the only way that poverty alleviation can really happen is through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Anyone is welcome to join us as part of the steering team or participating in any of the activities we facilitate.

  • Vanderwell Lodge – SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID - Monthly visit with the folks at the Lodge to play games or just spend time with them. - STAY TUNED FOR UPDATE ON MINISTRY TO THE LODGE
  • Sponsorship of Children – With the proceeds of our annual Sunday for the Poor, we sponsor 6 children in Rwanda through Food for the Hungry Canada and 6 children in West Bank through World Vision.  We regularly correspond with them and keep the church informed of the progress of the children and their community. Click the links above to learn more about the sponsored children.
  • Sunday for the Poor – One Sunday each year, Slave Lake Alliance takes the complete offering from that week and divides it between three organizations serving the poor internationally:

and one local organization Northern Haven Support Society which supports our local women’s shelter.


The WHODAT steering team plans and takes charge of the service that Sunday.


  • Escape the Room Slave Lake – We have been running an annual Escape the Room event with rooms set up in the church where people can pay to come and try to solve the puzzles and clues to find the code to escape.  The proceeds from this event goes to a project that serves the poor.  Sadly, our Escape for 2020 had to be cancelled, but we hope to run it again in spring of 2021.


That all of our church family would be so inspired by God’s Story, His love for us, and His plan for our redemption, that we would be compelled to share His love and message sacrificially with those in need spiritually, physically and emotionally, both in our local community and internationally.


To inspire the giving of time, treasure and talents in our congregation to be used in addressing the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of our local community and of the global community so that the name of Jesus may be lifted up.