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In Reclaimed, Andy Steiger captures the essence of what we are here for in a fallen and broken world and what provides our only hope. We will only see ourselves and others in a proper light be being in right relationship with God who helps restore our relationship with ourselves and with our fellow human beings.  

By using captivating descriptions of real life and often personal experiences Andy draws us into exploring what it is to be human, where we derive our value and what leads to human flourishing and how we can get there. He takes complex concepts and themes and breaks them down into bite sized pieces that one can chew on and ponder.  

We all recognize that genocide begins with dehumanization but do we realize the seemingly tiny ways in which we dehumanize others and ourselves every day?   We try to reduce human beings to the material stuff we are made of, but do we understand what we were made for? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that humans have inherent dignity, equality, and inalienable rights but have you ever wondered why? We are all reaching for a flourishing life but why is it that when we get what we think will accomplish it we realize we are not satisfied?  

By joining Andy in his exploration of what it means to be human you will uncover a new appreciation for your own humanity and your relationship with those around you and with the God who made you.